Over the past month I’ve been implementing my new Kindle Strategy. My new strategy is based on the results of four months of experimenting and testing different ways of finding profitable niche markets, creating content, and getting high rankings in the Kindle Marketplace.

Since I’ve been in the trenches — testing, observing and tracking everything I did — I found several preconceptions about Kindle Publishing that are completely, utterly wrong.

In fact, these misconceptions are drastically hampering your ability to maximize your earnings with Kindle Publishing.

Here are three things you need to stop doing right now:

1) Using the Google Keyword Tool to find Kindle niche markets.

Listen… I love the Google Keyword Tool. Heck, Micro Niche Finder is based off the Google Keyword Tool. And I use it every day to find niche markets for Adsense and Affiliate Marketing.

But, Kindle Publishing is a whole new ballgame. You cannot rely on the Google Keyword Tool to find niche markets for Kindle publishing.

Many times, I’ve found markets that (according to the Google Keyword Tool) should be great yet turn out to be terrible markets for Kindle ebooks.

On the other hand, I have one niche that according to Google has only 800 searches per month, yet I sell as many as 100 ebooks per day in that niche.

Here’s the problem: people search Google for information and not necessarily for things they want to buy.

So, what should you use to find profitable niche markets? Amazon! Amazon is itself a massive search engine of products. Products that people are looking to buy!

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t have a keyword tool in the same vein as Google’s External Keyword Tool. But they do list the sales rank for every product sold (including Kindle ebooks) and that can give us a very good idea of the profitability in a market. For Kindle ebooks, I like to see at least one ebook on the first page in the Kindle Marketplace for a particular niche with less than 25,000 Sales Rank (with sales rank, lower is better).

example of amazon ebook sales rank

2) Targeting only Long-Tail Keywords (and not targeting Broad Keywords.)

This is going to be a real shocker for many people. We’ve been taught over the past few years to go after the long-tail keywords and leave the broad keywords to the dumb deep-pocketed corporations who don’t know any better.

While that may be true for search engine rankings, it’s not true for Kindle Marketplace Rankings. In fact, right now it’s as easy to get your ebook ranked high in the Kindle Marketplace for a broad keyword as it was in 1997 to get your website ranked on page one in the search engines.

This won’t be the case for very long but the people who take advantage of it now will reap the rewards for years.

3) Taking a “Set and Forget” Attitude.

I’ve been guilty of this too. Basically, throwing up a bunch of ebooks on Kindle and hoping one or two generate significant sales. Lather, rinse, repeat.

That’s the wrong approach. It worked to some degree back when Amazon was more concerned with having a bunch of ebooks in the Marketplace than they were with the quality of the ebooks.

Today, when I find a profitable niche (and that’s most of the time with my new research techniques) I go deep into the market. Instead of creating one ebook and then going on to something else, I’ll create three or four and sometimes five ebooks in the same niche.

I wish now I had followed my new strategy all along. I would have made a lot more money.

But, no use crying over spilled milk! I know this year I’m going to Absolutely Crush It (as my good friend John S. Rhodes would say.)

In fact, check out these stats:

In the month of December, 2011 — after implementing my new strategy — I had more Kindle sales than all the rest of 2011 (January – November) combined.

From December 2011 through yesterday I’ve had more Kindle sales than the prior 4 years combined!

My new strategy is explained in detail in my Kindle Triangulation Course which will be released later this month. However, I’m going to give away 25 advance review copies. To qualify for a review copy please leave me a comment about this blog post. The 25 best comments will receive a review copy of Kindle Triangulation before its released.

2012 is going to be a great year for Publishing and I’m really excited about helping you create your ebook Publishing Empire.